A Smash On Broadway

Despite our Broadway address, the Molecule hasn’t had much experience with Broadway proper…until now.

Since we started work on Smash, the upcoming NBC hit, we’ve been excited to bring VFX to the stage. Our best work has yet to air, so keep posted for upcoming articles delving into Smash’s VFX.

For now, here are a few tidbits:

In the pilot, both Derek’s apartment and Eileen’s office were shot on beautiful locations overlooking the Empire State Building and Times Square respectively.  In later episodes, shot in the studio, it was up to the Molecule to recreate those famous backgrounds.

“The Times Square background is one of the most complicated to recreate because it contains so much movement,” VFX Supervisor Luke DiTommaso explained.  “Additionally, in the studio they removed the windows to minimize reflections during shooting so we had to recreate those as well.”

As Smash proves, putting on a Broadway hit is physically demanding.  While live Broadway productions are less forgiving, this is television, and the Molecule is always ready to apply a little polish.  Throughout the intense dance numbers, VFX artists have put wayward locks of hair back in place, removed bruise marks, and dried up sweat.

Check back after upcoming episodes for the VFX inside scoop.