The Molecule: Together We Can Build Better Online Video Content

This spring, The Molecule shot and composited online video content for action/sci-fi film Prometheus’s publicity website This project marks an important step of our production services expansion.

As part of its viral marketing campaign, Ignition Interactive launched, the corporate website of fictitious Prometheus company Weyland Industries: Together we can build better worlds.  An interactive, comprehensive corporate website, gives fans access to online training games, background information from the Prometheus universe, stills and video clips from the film, and video testimonials of Weyland employees.

Formatted as an employee recruitment program, the website encourages users to make their own id cards and compete with other applicants in the training games, immersing themselves in the world of Prometheus.

“We were excited about Project Prometheus,” Luis de Leon comments.  “It’s always fun to work on a project from production to completion, especially one that includes new kinds of work for us.”

While it’s not common for the Molecule to create VFX for viral marketing video content, we’ve already lined up similar projects in the near future. Keep an eye out for Molecule enhanced online video content for John Hillcoat’s new prohibition-era gangster film Lawless.

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