A Very Molecule Retrospective

A look back at the 2012 that was.

The Molecule celebrates the holidays at Brooklyn Bowl.

Over the past 12 months, we have been busy little molecules at our offices in in NYC and LA. Between comping, producing, animating, and consuming copious amounts of coffee, we’ve accumulated quite a list of things we’re proud of.

Therefore, who could blame us for getting caught up in this annual opportunity to share a year’s events? We would be remissed if we didn’t jump on the annual family update bandwagon. We’ve even included a family photo! Look how much we’ve grown!

And so, we are proud to present to you, “A Look Back: The 2012 Collective Molecule Family Update”

– We launched our new website in the fall!

– Hurricane Sandy closed down our New York City office for a week as a portion of Manhattan was left without power.

– New Hires: Aniela Sidorska, Lotta Forssman, Daniel Cohen, Audra Coulombe

– Had the opportunity to work on a lot of new shows, including 30 Rock, Deception, Golden Boy, Elementary, Animal Practice, Next Caller, Sirens, Yukon Men, Warped Roadies, Buying Alaska, Bamazon, and many more!

– Molecule CEO and Founder Chris Healer unveiled Remotoscoping.com at a Nuke user group event in NYC this Fall. He has described it as a game-changer for the VFX industry, and there is a test site coming soon, so stay tuned!

– Our LA Office moved to a bigger space – check out Ted’s new desk and view!

– The dawn of Playlist Friday. Whistle while you roto.

– We had a ridiculous November, reaching a new record for shot output. It’s possible that some Molecule staffers slept under their desk, George Costanza-style, while we churned out 686 shots.

– We held our Annual Holiday Party this year at Brooklyn Bowl. The competitive spirit was high, the high fives were often, the fried chicken was delicious.

– Chad is really excited about Filter Forge, a node-based texture tool that allows you to bypass that long search for rights-free textures on the internet. Highly customizable, Filter Forge is taking our Motion Graphics departments to new heights!

– We created a slew of custom pipeline tools that have increased our efficiency and shot capacity.

Hellbenders went to Midnight Madness at Toronto International Film Festival.

2012 was certainly a great year. Thanks for coming along for the ride, and we wish you all the best for a spectacular 2013.