DIY Blood Element


Working in a VFX studio is pretty fun – especially when you convert your conference room into a mini studio where you can make your own blood elements.

This Wednesday we at The Molecule HQ brought in a small crew and bogarted VFX supervisor Mark Friedman for an afternoon to create a series of blood effects for a new project. Usually you can make blood out of corn syrup, Diet Coke, and red food coloring – but in this case we used Reel Blood. (This blogger did an about-face when asking for the name of┬áthe fake blood we used, but, alas, this product has two Es)

They say magicians should never reveal the secrets behind their tricks. But that is no fun at all. Check out these pictures from the afternoon!

Senior Compositor/Professional Rock Stylist Jonathan Skabla got his hands dirty making a fake rock with play dough.
We used a turkey baster to drop the Reel Blood ever so slightly onto our homemade objects.

And we dropped an entire bag of fake blood into a bucket for our “blood gush” effect:

The entire process was filmed on a RED Scarlet camera with a light kit and plenty of drop cloths. Here is the aftermath: