Mobile World Congress 2015

Behind-The-Scenes of HTC’s One M9 Keynote

The Mobile World Congress kicked off this weekend in Barcelona, and The Molecule got a front row seat during HTC’s keynote presentation of their new flagship phone, the M9.

(Pictured right, Molecule CEO Chris Healer (right) with HTC CMO Idris Mootee (center) at the conference.)

We designed and produced the graphics treatment and release video for the presentation.

Over the past few month’s our Motion Graphics team has been working closely with HTC’s creative team to prepare for this big day, and there were a lot of hands on deck. ¬†We worked in Adobe After Effects, Cinema 4D, Maya, Nuke, and Adobe Premiere. The final presentation was put together using Apple Keynote.

Executive Producer: Chris Healer

Producers: Lauren F. Ellis, Chris Hayes

Art Director: Chad Sikora

Animators: Melissa Peralta, Coche Gonzales, Moshe Sayad, Kit Lam, Keith Stevens, Hubert Wozniak, Marisol Baltierra, and Martin Koch

Voice Over: Craig Newman

Music: Stefan Almqvist

Keynote Specialist: Steve Guttbinder

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