Upcoming LA Event

Discovering Visual Effects

On February 23, The Molecule’s LA VFX Producer, Lauren F. Ellis, will be speaking to female filmmakers about ways they can affordably incorporate VFX into their projects and cultivate the relationships that make them happen.

The event, titled “Discovering Visual Effects,” will bring together the Visual Effects Society and the Alliance of Women Directors at the General Assembly in Santa Monica, CA.

You can expect to hear Lauren discuss the roles of a Visual Effects Producer, including creating a financial breakdown for television shows and films, leading a team of artists, and working with directors to break down a script into VFX shots.

Lauren stresses the benefits of looping in a Visual Effects team early.”Visual Effects is a very important element of entertainment as there is are very few series, films, documentaries, even videos on YouTube, that are not touched by an effects team. The earlier VFX can be discussed the better the chances for a desirable visual and financial outcome.”

She adds, “I find that talking to new filmmakers during the writing process empowers them to move forward with a clearer vision of the final product. Oftentimes writers, directors, producers, limit their imaginations because they can’t imagine the “how” of what they imagine. It’s my job as the producer, to help them realize the “how.””

If you plan on attending next Tuesday’s event, please RSVP via the event’s Eventbrite page.