Objects AR

Objects in mirror AR closer than they appear

The Molecule collaborated with Sensorium Works and New York Theatre Workshop to create an Augmented Reality theatrical experience that was presented at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2018. Objects in mirror AR closer than they appear was based on immersive theater piece The Object Lesson, which explored the association between objects and memories. In this new piece, the audience was encouraged to explore a space created out of and filled with cardboard boxes and found objects, all while using custom AR headsets that would enhance their experience.

With the AR smartphone application that the Molecule produced for the show, various objects within the theater space acted as AR triggers that were recognized using the phone’s camera. The phones were seated within vintage stereoscopic viewers and other unique headsets that allowed for camera pass-through, and audience members would see associated content overlaid on top of the real world triggers. Using the viewers the audience could also explore portals into 360 content that were placed around the space.

Film and photography courtesy of Sensorium Works

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