Color for VFX

Theory & Practice in a Nutshell

Chris presents “Color for VFX” at SVA in NYC

To a lot of us, color seems like an intangible, complicated part of our daily workflow. Over the years new steps have been introduced to the process, but they have never been publicly explained.

Color for VFX is a presentation created by The Molecule CEO and Principal Chris Healer and has been vetted by many in the visual effects industry.

Chris has collected everything you need to know about color into one place, and he explains how to easily integrate it into your pipeline to make post-production smoother, cleaner, and more accurate.

The main concepts of Color for VFX are Linear Space and the CDL workflow. The presentation outlines the ideal visual effects workflow from the RAW Camera Image to the finished product, and it pinpoints exactly where color information falls into an artist’s composition.

The feedback has been incredibly positive after Chris’s first three public events in New York City and Los Angeles. Each attendee has had their own “a-ha!” moment, and whether you’re a novice or an expert at color theory, a colorist or a compositor, you will take away something important that will help you better understand and execute your craft.

Color for VFX addresses the need for consistency in color between all of the different players in post-production. It develops a common language that everyone from 3D generalists to producers can all agree on. The result is that we are all able to do the work we love to the best of our ability and in a logical way, so that we can deliver a product of the highest quality.

Chris continues to publicly present Color for VFX. In the meantime the presentation is available to everyone and accessible online! Check out the presentation PDF by clicking this download link, and get your color game on.