The Sweet Life

The Molecule Celebrates the Golden Age of Italian Film

Ciao tutti.

Looking for a bright spot to get you through the NYC whoosh from summer to winter? Well, kids, you’re in luck.

From September 27th through October 12th, you can take a trip back to 1950s Italy where Anita Ekberg danced in the Trevi Fountain and Sophia Loren scandalously posed for photos in her undergarments. “The Sweet Life” is an exhibition curated by Joyce Acciaioli Rudge that combines two eras that were at the height of their popularity in the 1950s: Italian Cinema and LIFE Magazine.

This fall, for two weeks The World Financial Center will run an exhibit that celebrates the age of Italian film that brought us classics such as La Dolce Vita and Stromboli. The Molecule helped with the effort, editing together a montage of the magazine covers and film clips from the era that will run continuously alongside the pieces of art in the exhibit.

Hosted in the WFC Winter Garden, “The Sweet Life” combines the iconic photography of LIFE Magazine and the vibrance and optimism that constituted 1950s Italian Cinema. It was also responsible for raising a little hell, most notably when it published this cover photo of Sophia Loren in a negligee.

Americans at the time weren’t only attracted to the films themselves, but also the scandals that took place behind-the-scenes between actors and directors. LIFE wrote about both subjects, providing its readers with the news they wanted, but also the gossip they (really) wanted.

Whatever you choose to read, “The Sweet Life” looks to be an eye-catching and fascinating homage to the talent that became the icons of the Golden Age of Italian Cinema.

If you want more info on the exhibit or its curators, start here. Then put a big red circle over the 27th on your wall calendar.