Sending Oscar Nominee “Time Freak” Into History

The Molecule is proud to have provided visual effects for Oscar Nominated Short “Time Freak” and will be rooting for it during Sunday’s Award Ceremony.  Original and hilarious, Time Freak follows the struggles of a fastidious, introverted time traveler, excited to explore and travel to ancient civilizations, but unable to get past yesterday in a effort to get the details of his life just right.

The Molecule, effectively creating…No… Let’s try that again…


The Molecule was tasked to provide all the special…NO…visual!…”visual effects”.


Molecule Founder/CEO/CTO Chris Healer and compositor Euna Kho made the time machine real, creating all the visual effects for every time jump sequence.  (Whew.)

“While we added all the electricity bolts and created the time vortex digitally, there are also lots of low-fi effects like the magnetic pull of the machine when it’s turned on.”  Chris explained.  “I love low-fi effects.”

Furniture on set was bolted to the floor and pulled by simple fishing line, later taken out of the shot digitally.  The result: the desk seems to struggle against the bracket as it’s pulled by the magnetic field.

Another shot, in which a metal screw flies off a lab table, was created by taking the a plate of the background table and simply compositing in animation of the screw’s flight as it jumps into the air.

“We actually hadn’t heard from Time Freak for a while until we were sent this great video of them finding out they were nominated,”  Chris added. “We were really excited for them.”