Meet The Molecule: Fellows Edition!

This summer The Molecule participated in the first ever New York State Post Production Fellowship Program.

With support from the Empire State Development Office, the program connects college students NY-statewide with member companies in the Post New York Alliance for a summer-long fellowship.

Above, all of the 2016 PNYA fellows who worked at Post Production companies all over New York City.


In June Hofstra student Nick Proto and RIT student Alex Pattison joined our team for 10 weeks, and it’s been awesome to have them around.

Before they leave to return to school, we thought we’d introduce you to the first ever Molecule fellows.


Meet Nick! He’s currently pursuing a BS in Film/Television and Video Production at Hofstra, and has grown to develop a serious interest in TV Production and Production Management.

When Nick first arrived at Hofstra, he says that he wanted to focus more on film. Over the past few years his mind began to change, and now he says he “enjoys the fast-paced environment of TV.” (And after a summer with us, that still appears to be true… Hooray!)

He’s also had an interest in visual effects since childhood. “I saw it as ‘the magic of movies and tv’,” he says. “That mindset hasn’t really changed for me, and it’s only heightened from this fellowship.”

Nick adds that he was hoping to learn more about the VFX pipeline, specifically the role of the VFX producer. He reflects, “I was happy to discover VFX producers are not too dissimilar from the TV producer mindset I have studied at Hofstra, but it’s interesting to see how the producers and artists interact… No job here is easy or simple, and it takes a lot of dedication at the end of the day to deliver.”

He also was looking for some more in-depth experience with the software. “Although I’ve used After Effects and Maya for years, I hadn’t used Nuke before coming here, and that was something I really wanted to learn. Thanks to my experience here, I definitely got hands on training.”

Nick continues, “I have also learned to not touch the render farm…”

… Nick also has an expansive GIF library in his brain.

Favorite Dinosaur? “T-Rex – Classic.”

Favorite Fellowship Moment? “The Molecule culture is fantastic… you don’t have to be afraid to go up to someone and say “I have a question about…”, or even just “Hello” or “Good morning…”. I have been invited to lunches and coffee excursions with many here, and I’ve enjoyed learning about how people got started in this industry.”

Favorite Error Message? “Keyboard has stopped working. Press F1 to continue.”

Nick’s Website


This is Alex! He hails from Rochester, NY where he is currently studying Motion Picture Science at RIT.

Alex explains, “the unique major aims to blend the creative and technical side of the motion picture and imaging industry,” which, from our perspective, is a stellar idea, RIT, as the major lends itself super well to a VFX workflow. He continues, “about 2/3 of the classes are math, science and technology-based such as Digital Imaging Processing and Vision and Psychophysics, while the rest are standard film courses such as Production Processes and Digital Effects and Compositing.”

Alex found a niche doing data input/output during an internship with IMAX last summer and during this summer with us, but he’s also interested in new areas such as virtual reality and aerial videography.

During the 10-week fellowship Alex was hoping to learn how companies of different sizes operate, and he reflects that “working at a tight-knit company like The Molecule, the dynamic is unlike anywhere I have worked before. The ability for ideas and general communication to easily flow between departments is refreshing. Everyone in the office wears multiple “hats,” meaning there is never a dull day and even a summer intern can meaningfully contribute to the company.”

This was also his first time living in NYC, and he’s enjoyed his ability to explore and experience museums, Broadway shows, and all the other things that the city that never sleeps has to offer. Like many of us, one of his more memorable “new-to-NYC” moments was learning which subway trains run express. “My first few days taking the local train were a total pain.” Dude, we can relate.

Alex’s Website

Favorite Dinosaur? “Obviously the Pterodactyl.”

Favorite Fellowship Moment?  “Friday team meetings definitely come to mind, where everyone comes together to share important news; oh and free beer! Sure, all of the information in the meeting could be sent out via email, but by having the entire team in the same room it becomes much more personal. I felt so welcomed when introduced to everyone my first Friday at The Molecule.”

Favorite Error Message?