Meet the Molecule: Matthew T. Perry


Many professionals in the Post Production community continue to make art after they leave the office for the day. (Fun Fact! That very idea was the impetus behind our recent bi-coastal art exhibit, The Art of Post.)

For the NYC Art of Post exhibit on Friday, May 13, Molecule Lead Compositor Matthew T. Perry submitted “Batman ’66 – Open Mic Night” and “2001: A Fantastic Odyssey” (pictured right). However, these two pieces are just a small portion of the art that Matt creates.

In addition to these paintings, Matt is also part of a team that creates the art for “The Last of the Giants,” a limited series comic about “an over-the-hill United States Space Marshal, Frank Rockwell.” The comic’s co-creator Michael Bailey draws with pencil and ink, while Matt hand-paints the colors with gouache. Both write the story, and they are currently finishing the second installment of the series.

When he’s not painting in hotel rooms during business trips, Matt is a Lead Compositor for The Molecule. When asked why he chose to pursue VFX, he said it was actually his mom’s idea. “It was the only job I could get that wasn’t driving a truck in New York City.”

Not that truck driving isn’t a super fun profession, but we’re glad that Matt pursued a VFX career and became a member of our team. Despite his humble description about his beginnings in VFX, he is a talented compositor, running lead on some of our most tricky shots. One of his most recent was from Hulu’s “The Path” where he integrated CG snakes with an actress’s scalp (left).

He loves compositing because it’s a combination of painting and photography, adding, “my favorite part is when visual effects really help to tell the story.”

If you’d like to see more of Matt’s upcoming work, grab a ticket to BBQ Films’ Ghostbusters celebration on June 8th where he’ll be displaying one of his latest paintings.