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eclipse 2017 viewing party The Molecule Summer 2017 Retrospective (10/10/2017) -

Looking back on the Last 3 Months of Community Events, TV Series, And Anniversaries

Summer 2017 was an eventful one for The Molecule. Even though it's still unseasonably warm, fall is undeniably on its way: sweaters are coming out of storage, and beer taps have changed from Summer Ales to Octoberfests. We're feeling nostalgic and taking a look back at these busy past few months.

Working the Crowd (6/14/2017) -

A Brief History of Crowd Duplication

Crowd duplication effects have changed a great deal over time. We're taking a look back at some famous examples and techniques from Film and TV, and how we digitally populate a crowd today.

season 4 of the americans gunshot death tv fx Shock and Awe (4/4/2017) -

How Visual Effects Help TV & Film Up The Gore Factor

Most scenes in TV and film are touched by VFX, and this is especially true for violent storylines. The Molecule's Visual Effects team digs into their methods for creating Visual Effects gore and why VFX is used more often today than ever before.

“The Americans” (3/8/2017) -

Season 5 Premiere was out of this world

In the opening scene of the latest season of "The Americans," The Molecule was tasked with creating a transitional camera move that pulled up from American fields, all the way into space, past a spy satellite, and down into the fields in Russia. Check out how we created that scene, entirely from scratch.

“Z: The Beginning of Everything” (1/30/2017) -

Taking NYC Back to the Jazz Age

Amazon's newest series, "Z: The Beginning of Everything" follows the the turbulent romance of Zelda Fitzgerald, nee Sayre, and her husband author F. Scott Fitzgerald. For period pieces like "Z," Visual Effects teams are tasked with transforming scenes from modern day to a time in the past. In this series The Molecule used a combination of VFX and CG to take us back to the Roaring Twenties.

“The Path” Returns to Hulu (1/25/2017) -

This season you can look forward to effects by both The Molecule's Motion Graphics team and VFX department.

“Invisible” (12/12/2016) -

VR's First Scripted Drama Series

Created by 30 Ninjas and their director Doug Liman (The Bourne Identity), "Invisible" tells the story of a powerful family that has the ability to become invisible. We had the pleasure of providing the titles and VFX for the series.

Taking The Mannequin Challenge… the VFX Way (11/23/2016) -

We here at The Molecule are never ones to back down from a challenge, and the Mannequin Challenge is no exception. Check out our VFX team’s take on the popular meme!

The Molecule’s Latest Blog for Pond5 (10/12/2016) -

Shooting Green Screen Driving Scenes

This October we at The Molecule have continued to share our tips with Pond5 readers in our latest guest blog post, titled: “Let’s Ride: How to Make Your Driving Scenes Look Awesome with VFX.”

Meet The Molecule: Fellows Edition! (8/10/2016) -

This summer The Molecule has had the pleasure of participating in the first ever New York State Post Production Fellowship Program.

With support from the Empire State Development Office, the program connects college students statewide with member companies in the Post New York Alliance for a summer-long fellowship. In June Hofstra student Nick Proto and RIT student Alex Pattison joined our team for 10 weeks, and it's been awesome to have them around.

Conan Comic-Con VR App (8/2/2016) -

The Molecule Goes Inside The Mind of Conan

We were like little kids when we found out we were going to Comic-Con this year - not only because it's Comic-Con in San Diego and we're a bunch of nerds, but also because we were going to be showing off our latest Virtual Reality project for Conan O'Brien.

“Queen Sugar” (7/13/2016) -

Behind the VFX of OWN's Upcoming Hit Show

Diverse, Supportive, and High-Caliber are just some of the words that Senior VFX Producer Lauren Ellis uses to describe her experience on set for OWN's upcoming series "Queen Sugar."

Meet the Molecule: Matthew T. Perry (5/24/2016) -

Many professionals in the Post Production community continue to make art after they leave the office for the day. (Fun Fact! That very idea was the impetus behind our recent bi-coastal art exhibit, The Art of Post.)

Guest Blogging for Pond5 (4/25/2016) -

This year we've begun monthly blog installments for online stock media library, Pond5 (who also just revamped their website... and it's super snazzy).

It’s Been A Ride! (4/20/2016) -

Creating The Roller Coaster Scene in Season 2 of "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt"

Friday April 15th marked the highly-anticipated return of "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" to Netflix.

Limitless 116 (3/2/2016) -

Bringing Comic Book Panels to Life

Last week’s episode of Limitless featured some pretty exciting comic-book style animations. Protagonist Brian Finch, his mind turned genius by miracle-drug NZT, begins to see another character’s story as comic book drawings, and the viewer sees the story through his eyes.

Upcoming LA Event (2/19/2016) -

Discovering Visual Effects

On February 23, The Molecule's LA VFX Producer, Lauren F. Ellis, will be speaking to female filmmakers about ways they can affordably incorporate VFX into their projects and cultivate the relationships that make them happen.

Meet the Molecule: Chris Hayes (2/12/2016) -

One thing you may not know about The Molecule is that our dedicated staff of multi-talented artists and producers take on many additional projects outside of the office.

The Molecule in the News! (1/12/2016) -

We're excited to share with you the first two press stories of 2016!

The Molecule Spooktacular (10/30/2015) -

Happy Halloween! Today we're celebrating by bringing you a spooky selection from The Molecule's VFX and Motion Graphics archives.

VR Comes to The Molecule (8/20/2015) -

Virtual Reality has been in the news a lot lately. Every day more companies are latching on and beginning to develop VR pipelines. We at The Molecule are never ones to shy away from new challenges, and we are excited to announce that we have recently made Virtual Reality a growing part of our repertoire.

The Molecule LA Gets Some New Digs (7/9/2015) -

The Molecule's west coast branch is having a housewarming today to announce our move to The Hollywood Production Center's N. Gower Street office in Hollywood. Our LA team is relocating just a stone's throw away from it's former office to a new block just south of Sunset Blvd - a spot that is central to the bustling Hollywood activity.

Creating the Opening Titles for HBO’s “Ballers” (6/25/2015) -

"Ballers" is HBO's newest addition to their Sunday night time slot. The show premiered last weekend, and it centers on former NFL player Spencer Strasmore (played by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson) who now stays in the game by playing financial advisor to current NFL pros.

The Subtlety of VFX (6/19/2015) -

Working on “Love And Mercy”

Not all visual effects involve car explosions, buildings toppling over, or satellites circling the earth. Sometimes in order to keep continuity or better tell a story, visual effects are used in subtle ways leaving the audience oblivious the image was ever affected at all.

Molecule Updates for Spring 2015 (4/23/2015) -

Hey Blog Readers! It’s been a minute since we’ve updated this space. Truth is, there’s been a lot going on here at The Molecule and we’re pumped to tell you about it all.

Mobile World Congress 2015 (3/2/2015) -

Behind-The-Scenes of HTC's One M9 Keynote

The Mobile World Congress kicked off this weekend in Barcelona, and The Molecule got a front row seat during HTC's keynote presentation of their new flagship phone, the M9.

Color for VFX (8/6/2014) -

Theory & Practice In a Nutshell

To a lot of us, color seems like an intangible, complicated part of our daily workflow. Over the years new steps have been introduced to the process, but they have never been publicly explained.”

Bonnie & Clyde (5/23/2014) -

This day in history in 1934, outlaws Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow were shot and killed by police in Louisiana. Today we're revisiting the titles our Motion Graphics department created for a two-part series on the infamous couple, which aired on A&E, History, and Lifetime in December of 2013.

The Butler (9/2/2013) -

Lee Daniels’ The Butler debuted in theaters in mid-August to hold a commanding grasp on the box office, claiming the number one spot for three weeks. The Molecule is proud to have produced visual effects for over 200 shots that ranged from prosthetic and cosmetic fixes to green screen work. We were even invited to attend the August 5th premier at the Ziegfeld Theatre with Oprah, Lenny Kravitz, Forest Whitaker and the rest of the star-studded cast.

Upcoming Editing Workshop, and why VFX Matters (5/23/2013) -

May in NYC is already proving to be hazy, hot, and humid. By June it's likely that your candles will have all melted in their jars and staying in your apartment will become a sauna that you didn't ask for - so come cool off with us for a day-long celebration of the art of the Edit!

Making a Blizzard in April (4/5/2013) -

Things get snowy on the set of CBS's "Elementary."

Last night's "Elementary" was a snowy one. If you don't follow the show, Sherlock Holmes and his assistant Joan Watson try to solve a crime in the middle of a massive blizzard. The city has shut down and the roads are treacherous...It is the worst blizzard the city has seen in years...

DIY Blood Element (2/28/2013) -

Working in a VFX studio is pretty fun - especially when you convert your conference room into a mini studio where you can make your own blood elements.

A Very Molecule Retrospective (1/4/2013) -

A look back at the 2012 that was.

Over the past 12 months, we have been busy little molecules at our offices in in NYC and LA. Between comping, producing, animating, and consuming copious amounts of coffee, we've accumulated quite a list of things we're proud of.

The Sweet Life (9/20/2012) -

The Molecule Celebrates the Golden Age of Italian Film

“The Sweet Life” is an exhibition curated by Joyce Acciaioli Rudge that combines two eras that were at the height of their popularity in the 1950s: Italian Cinema and LIFE Magazine. The Molecule edited a piece that will run continuously alongside the art in the exhibit.

What Maisie Knew Premieres at TIFF (9/10/2012) -

Titles and VFX by The Molecule

What Maisie Knew is a drama about a small girl caught in the middle of her parents' divorce and custody battle. The Molecule has been working for weeks on Maisie's opening titles, end title crawl, and various screen replacements and VFX.

Best Friday Ever (8/31/2012) -

We just put the finishing touches on a project 2 years in the making: Hellbenders.

The Molecule: Together We Can Build Better Online Video Content (6/30/2012) -

This spring, The Molecule shot and composited online video content for action/sci-fi film Prometheus's publicity website This project marks an important step of our production services expansion.

VFX for TV: The Molecule in Post Magazine (4/19/2012) -

As TV shows are able to employ more and more visual effects, it's up to companies like the Molecule to meet the demand. In a new article in Post Magazine, the Molecule's own Luke DiTommaso (VFX Supervisor/COO) weighs in on VFX for TV.

“Dark was the Night” (3/19/2012) -

In addition to creating the film's VFX, The Molecule will also be co-producing "Dark Was The Night" alongside Caliber Media Co.

Sending Oscar Nominee “Time Freak” Into History (2/24/2012) -

The Molecule is proud to have provided visual effects for Oscar Nominated Short "Time Freak" and will be rooting for it during Sunday's Award Ceremony.

A Smash On Broadway (2/7/2012) -

Despite our Broadway address, the Molecule hasn't had much experience with Broadway proper

...until now.

This Is How We Make Moonshiners Shine! (2/2/2012) -

Sometimes motion graphics artists familiarize themselves with some unusual industries while pursuing that perfect image... sometimes they're hired to construct comprehensive motion graphics on how to make Moonshine, and intriguing information just falls in their laps.

VFX Artists Can Even Turn The Seasons (12/20/2011) -

While shooting several episodes that kicked off the third season of "Royal Pains," the tree-lined streets of Montauk, Long Island were unfortunately a landscape of barren branches. Luckily the VFX artists at The Molecule, expert in "invisible" effects, were there to the rescue adding the thousands of necessary leaves to complete the shot.

The Molecule goes Stereoscopic with Hellbenders! (4/11/2011) -

The Molecule and OffHollywood have teamed up to create the Stereoscopic 3D feature “Hellbenders”. The film, OffHollywood and The Molecule are featured in newest issue of Post Magazine.

“Swamp People” (8/18/2010) -

In southern Louisiana lurks the largest swamp in the coastal United States. It's a place where nature reigns supreme and men must fight to survive. This battle is at the center of "Swamp People," a new show premiering on The History Channel, Sunday, August 22 at 10/9c.

“Royal Pains” Rap (7/7/2010) -

The Molecule helped to spice up this Season 2 promo video with some key-framed 3D animation and compositing.

“Untitled Political Thriller” (6/24/2010) -

A mysterious script landed on the desk of The Molecule, unlabeled and unmarked beyond the words "Untitled Political Thriller." The enigmatic story of espionage, coded signals, and strange behavior immediately sparked our intrigue. We pored over the script in great detail.

Sephora Goes Tokidoki (3/23/2010) -

Beauty retail giant Sephora recently employed The Molecule's unique array of 3D talents to help create their first ever commercial spot.

Flying High (9/4/2009) -

In 2007, The Molecule had the pleasure of VFX Supervising a project half-way around the world. Al Watan, a Kuwaiti television network, was creating an ad campaign to promote itself as the first 100% local station. The spots, directed by Zeyad Alhusaini, were designed to showcase national monuments in an effort to highlight the local nature of the network.

“Rescue Me” – Bridge Jumper Scene (8/31/2009) -

When VFX Helps to Tell A Story

Rescue Me's second to last episode of season 5 aired last Tuesday. There was a scene of the firefighters trying to talk down a suicidal bridge-jumper. In the end, the Ponzi Scheme victim jumps off the bridge. It wasn't safe to get the shot through the lens, so we helped out.

Tutorial: Black is the New Green (8/26/2009) -

Chris Healer Gets Into the Nitty-Gritty of Keying Over Black

Keying material over black screen can be a little tricky. Luckily, Chris is here to share some step-by-step tips to help you navigate your next black screen shot.

Farming Intelligence (8/19/2009) -

The Molecule tells all behind the building of their own custom render farm.

Spinning Interactively (8/10/2009) -

The Molecule helped to create an interactive installation for the gorgeous new IAC building in the Chelsea neighborhood in Manhattan. Find out how the team created a beautiful installation that pulls real-time data to engage curious guests.

Dot, Dot, Dot (8/4/2009) -

LED Lights Become Tracking Markers in the Dark

What happens when you're shooting a dark scene, and your tape tracking markers don't show up? Answer: MacGyver your own light-up tracking point.

What Could Be More Unusual? (7/30/2009) -

The Unusuals, an ABC primetime show, made for an interesting project for The Molecule. Instead of using a traditional green screen, we were able to experiment with a different technology called Reflecmedia.

Damages (7/20/2009) -

On FX's hit show Damages, much of the visual effects employed were created for detail and continuity reasons.

Burning Flesh (7/1/2009) -

We definitely gave something for Denis Leary's character Tommy Gavin to feel on last night's episode of Rescue Me.