Master of None Season 2 The Molecule

“Master of None” Season 2

The hidden VFX within Aziz Ansari’s award-winning series

“Master of None” doesn’t seem like a show that could be considered a “VFX show.” There are a few key moments, however, in which Visual Effects were especially integral to the telling of the story.

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“Shades of Blue”

The VFX Behind the show’s biggest shoot-out scene to date

“Shades of Blue” airs its final episode of its second season this coming Sunday, May 21st. For those who are unfamiliar with the show, it centers on two cops (played by Jennifer Lopez and Ray Liotta) who bend the law to satisfy their own self-interests. Ahead of this season’s finale, The Molecule is looking back at one of this season’s most intense moments – the shoot-out scene in episode 9.

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Lincoln in the Bardo

A Virtual Reality Adaptation from the Acclaimed Novel

“Lincoln in the Bardo,” the debut novel from author George Saunders, is a work of historical fiction that follows Abraham Lincoln as he grieves over his son. Come behind the scenes as we explore the production of the accompanying VR experience from The New York Times.

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